The Secret Garden ~by Keiko Nishizu

~Videos and Pics by Keiko Nishizu, pianist from Tokyo~


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★Here I will show you my videos, pics of my baby Ruby (Jack Russell Terrier), my garden, and the park in my town. ピアノ演奏動画、その他、愛犬のルビー(ジャック・ラッセル・テリア♀13歳)と散歩する都立善福寺川緑地公園の四季をご紹介します。また四季折々の庭の花やペットのカメの写真なども。


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My faith was not the reason I wrote this comment.
My opinion is not important. I consider only the facts. This fact is the existence of a great talent. Nothing more, nothing less.
If you've been talking about faith? Yes! .... Just believe in love.
Thanks for your beautiful comments! You wrote you didn't write any comments on this piece, but you gave me enough words. I didn't need so much time for practicing this piece. It's one of the reason why I played it. Because I want lots of short and beautiful pieces for my gigs.
O.K! A first sign ..... my comment, and only now I read your explanation. Now, I could understand it.
Despite all my Star of, you are very mature and professional pianist.
The world is waiting for your musical story! I would stand in the distant comfort, and dream about to become your true inspiration.
He wants to admire your art of distance, and applaud applause.
I wrote, with no work on Sundays. It is of course a joke, and as you can see just on Sunday appeared more musical rapture.
I have a confession to make. I especially do not comment on these compositions. You already know my opinions. I would not like your friends to offend. I think that these compositions take on the light, because it brings light to a composition master your workmanship, and your sensitivity. I can not wait to appear your compositions. I think that there was already this season that enchanted world of beauty. My star, wish you courage! In truth it is worth!
I think he is a teenager boy. That is, the same age as my daughter. He said this nocturne is his first piece for piano solo. I played it because it's a nice song, and I hope he continues composing.


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